Tuning Costs

Pricing depends on the instrument and how much work may be required to retune it. Many pans simply need a basic touch up to bring the pitches back in tune. If Steve has worked on your pan before, the cost for this is usually in the range of $ 125.00.

If your pan is badly out of tune but still just needs pitch adjustment, the cost for this is usually $ 150.00. Occasionally a pan may benefit from a complete overhaul and rebuild. This is normal for older instruments or for pans that have been poorly cared for. Pricing on this is usually billed at $ 65.00 an hour, but you will be amazed at the results! Check out the video of Steve overhauling an older pan he was sent (click the image to the left).

Before any work is done on any instrument sent for tuning, Steve will perform a thorough examination of the pan and give a written estimate (if required) of the work to be done.

Tunings can be done either in Akron or at your facility. In either case, the costs involved in sending the instrument to Steve or transporting him to the instrument(s) are not included in the tuning costs. Accomodation costs may also need to be covered.

The prices quoted here are “per instrument”; so for example, tuning a pair of Double Seconds will cost $ 125.00 (not $ 125.00 x 2).