Welcome to Pantuner, Inc.

Steve Lawrie

Thanks for stopping by! Here you should find everything you need for your Pan or Steelband.

We offer pan tuning services, at your location or ours.

We have Stands, Mallets (including Practice Mallets), Practice Pads,  and more!

And if you don't yet have a Pan, this is a great place to get one!

Our Practice Mallets have proved very popular.  These significantly reduce the sound levels produced by the pan, while still allowing you to play with mallets of the correct length.  They're ideal for practicing in noise sensitive areas (e.g. hotel rooms, shared homes), and they also work well in pan ensembles during rehearsals.

Left Hand C Lead Practice Pad

Another innovation we are proud to bring you are our Practice Pads.  These are made from durable whiteboard and have standard note layouts etched into the surface.  They're available in three size - full size (same as a standard pan), 3/4 size and half size.

We have tried to cover most popular layouts, and we're adding more as needed, so if you don't see your favorite layout please contact us and we'll get it in production.