Customize your Pan!

We are proud to be the leaders in pan customization. Whether you’re simply looking for your logo on the front of your pan, or something more extravagant, we can do it!

Our resident etcher-in-chief is Christina Geckler who’s work is unmatched in the pan world!

Custom Etching starts at $ 300.00 per drum for a basic 5″x7″ image. You will need to supply

1. camera-ready artwork as a Jpeg, with a resolution of 300 DPI. This means that if you have a 5×7 image, for example, the file needs to be 1500 pixels by 2100 pixels. Additional charges will apply for artwork that requires editing.

2. a signed document, including a picture of the artwork, stating that you are the owner of the supplied artwork, or that you have licensed the rights to use it.

We regret that we cannot add custom artwork to pans made by other manufacturers.

  • Palm Tree Etching
    What design would you like on your pan?
  • Hummingbird Seconds
    This stunning set of Double Seconds had two-tone chrome on the inside,
  • Christina Geckler admires her work
    Christina Geckler admires her work