Replacing Cello Tips

These are the three layers of latex that make up the Cello Tip.

The Sharpie is the only tool you'll need to assemble these

You'll also need a small bowl of water and some dishsoap.

A few drops of dishsoap are all that is required.

Fold one of the two outer layers in half. This will become the middle layer of the three layers.

Dip it in the water-soap solution.

Slide the folded layer inside the outer layer.

Insert the end of the Sharpie into the folded layer and pry it open.

Using some water-soap solution on the sharpie if you want.

Once the inside layer is opened up, take the two layers off the Sharpie.

Align the faces of the layers on one side.

When the faces are aligned, set this aside to dry for about 30 minutes.

While the outer layers are drying, wet the end of the mallet shaft with the water-soap solution.

It is only necessary to wet about 1/4" of the shaft.

Insert the mallet shaft into the inner layer.

Make sure that the end of the inner layer is flush with the end of the mallet.

Leave this to dry for 30 minutes before proceeding to the next step.

Once everything is dry, wet the end of your finger with the water-soap solution.

Wet the inside of the outer layers with your finger.

Over-wetting this can cause the tips to pop off on the next step.

Insert the mallet tip into the outer layers. It should slide in smoothly and easily.

Align the layers so that they are flush with the end of the mallet shaft.

Leave it to dry for 30 minutes before playing.

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