Pan Making in South Africa, 1996

This is a clip of one my early days as a professional pan maker. In the late 1990's I was still in South Africa, and made pans for around 75 different steelbands. This video is a pretty good documentry of the techniques I used at the time and the sound of the pans.

Pan Making in Trinidad, early 1994.

In November 1993 I went to Trinidad and stayed for about 6 months. I studied pan making intensively, and spent a few weeks with Lennox "Darkie" Lewis, before moving on to study in the yard run by Keith "Moon" St Louis. This video is a tour of the yard; it was filmed by my pan mentor, Andrew Tracey. I finally got around to editing it together in November, 2014!

Overhauling an old Tenor Pan

A customer in Maryland sent me this old Tenor. It was probably made by Leo Coker for All Stars in Trinidad sometime in the late 70's or early 80's, and had not been tuned for a significant period of time. He had the playing surface sand blasted to remove the rust before he sent it to me.

Precision Series Painted Double Seconds

This video demonstrates our Precision Series Painted Double Seconds.

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