Steve is a consummate professional and one of the more talented people I've ever known. He performed an a emergency tuning of my Pan in the middle of a parking lot with only the use of a single hammer and an iPhone App. My drum was badly damaged the night before and Steve's tuning got me through the next 6 months! Amazing!

Kent Arnsbarger -- La Porte, IN
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As a steel drummer of 24 years experience, I was in the market for a new drum and researched every builder that I found on the internet. I placed an order for a 24.5" Performance Series lead pan from Pantuner. I felt that Steve would be the "go to" guy for a top notch instrument. I was totally correct. The appearance of his drums is impeccable and the tones are beautiful and steady. Playing his pans is easy in that every note works and is usable. These are superior sounding drums that look and sound like a million dollars.

Minsky Delmonte -- Charlotte, NC
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Steve is our go to guy every time because of his knowledge of the science of pan building and his respect for tradition. We love our 26" pans, and can't wait for a set of Performance pans!

The Calypsonuts -- Navarre FL
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I have to be one of the luckiest pan players in the world to have the privilege to own and play on what has been called by many as the best tenor steelpan on the planet (top 3 for sure...I know the other 2). And that pan is my beloved 26 inch solid hoop lead that was built by Steve.........'nuff said!......oh yeah, he's a great guy as well!

Tracy Thornton -- Greensboro, NC
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Steve Lawrie's company was the first to show up on Google. I called and he answered right away! He gave me several easy options for shipment and payment, and proceeded to repair and tune my pan with scientific and musical precision and deftness. He also shared the science and quality of his own line of pans which blow away any other brand I have heard or seen! Pantuner is the best company anywhere...hands down!

Darryl E. Van-Horne -- Savannah, GA
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Steve has worked on several of my lead pans and they are always improved after his magic. He did a fantastic job on my Ellie Mannette pan which needed some voicing and regulation. It's much more consistent and enjoyable to play now. Thanks Steve!

Joey Gulizia -- Omaha, NE
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