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>>> We currently have used pans available for immediate purchase! <<<

Pan Tuning

Pan Tuning
Pan tuning runs from $ 100.00 to $ 150.00 per instrument, or $ 750.00 a day for ensembles, up to 14 instruments.

Steel Pans

Steel Pan
We offer Leads, Seconds, Cello, and Basses in a variety of options. Custom instruments available too!

Cases & Covers

Pan Case
We sell a variety of cases and covers to protect your instrument.

Mallets & Tips

Steelpan Mallets
We have Mallets for every voice in the steel orchestra!


Pan Stand
Unique, sturdy stands for everyone from the beginner to the professional!

Sheet Music

Sheet Music
Coming Soon!
About Us

Steve has been involved in pan since 1982. His background in Computer Science and Physics has made him uniquely qualified to apply a truly scientific approach to the art of building and tuning pans. A walk through Steve's journey with Pan can be found in our photo gallery.

Christina Geckler joined the company in 2015, and is in charge of making mallets and stands. She is also responsible for etching some of the incredible artwork onto our high end pans.

Recent News

2018-01-30 Delivering two sets of Six Bass to the Pan Handlers in Minneapolis, MN

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2018-01-23 Getting new barrels from our barrel company today! And yes, they do fit in that trailer and the van.

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2018-01-16 Tuned pans at Mt Vernon HS, Fortville IN today. There's a really nice set of Cliff Alexis Triple Cello there.

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2018-01-13 Icy weather (-6 F) seem incompatible to the art of Pan Making, but we keep it moving along at our workshop

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2017-12-17 We've been building a few lead pans lately

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